Given the amount of circular rubber strips spied on the floor we’d say there were more than a few test runs performed – all in the name of perfecting the live performance of course.

The floor inside McLaren’s new Carbon Composites Technology Centre located in the South Yorkshire region of England is centre stage. Leaving a trail of fresh Pirelli tyre rubber on the centre’s new floor to ‘christen’ it – McLaren style with a series of expertly choreographed ‘doughnuts’

The first new McLaren plant outside of Woking is the future McLaren Composites Technology Centre (MCTC), located in Sheffield, Yorkshire, and it will supply the supercar maker with all the carbon-fibre tubs it needs when it opens in 2020. This means that McLaren will no longer have to import the carbon-fibre tubs for its cars from Austria — instead, they will be “locally sourced,” to put it in modern terms.

McLaren Senna revealed – McLaren’s most extreme road car yet

The Senna being most extreme McLaren road car to date, designed to be the quickest track car possible. And the name is no meaningless cash-in, either. Ayrton’s nephew Bruno Senna has been instrumental in the car’s development and McLaren Automotive has worked closely with the Senna Foundation in order to be able to use the name. A financial contribution will be made to the Senna Foundation for the sale of all the cars, was the perfect choice for centre stage.

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