Oris has a long tradition in not only watchmaking but also in supporting the environment and our natural world.

The Oris Great Barrier Reef pictured is an example of the company teaming up with the Reef Restoration Foundation to help preserve the eighth wonder of the world, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Currently Australia is in the grip of the worst bushfire season in history, with the area burning being larger than the combined Californian and Amazon fires of 2019.

Half a billion animals have been estimated to have perished in the firestorm.

Sadly, the human cost is mounting also with lives lost, and homes and livelihoods destroyed.

Oris Australia will donate $100 for each watch purchased from an Australian Authorised dealer in the month of January 2020.

Customers simply scan their receipt and send the copy to peter.borghouts@oris.ch

Oris Australia will send the accumulated total to the Community Enterprise Foundation a joint fund set up by the Bendigo Bank and the Salvation Army.