Competing as a factory and customer racer, as per the regulations the 3L TTV6 will also be homologated for the road

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus has revealed its entry into the forthcoming World Endurance Car hypercar class, previewing its new, but decidedly retro-styled 3L TTV6 via social media. As one of the first racing teams to confirm its involvement in the new flagship WEC class, Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus has now thrown the gauntlet down for rival teams as the 2020/2021 season approaches.

SCG has confirmed that the new race car, an evolution of the 007, will be built in its current facility in Turin and powered by a 3-litre twin-turbocharged V6, as its name might imply without the optional hybrid powertrain elements as stipulated within the rules.

For those entries that do feature the hybrid drive, total power output will be limited to no more than 184kW, combining to a maximum combined limit of 551kW. The hybrid system itself is only able to be deployed via the front wheels at speeds of over 130kmh to even out any traction advantages four driven wheels will have at low speeds.

The SCG 3L TTV6 will also adhere to the minimum weight ruling of 1100kg, which together with the power deployment and mechanical and aero grip calculations, should give all racers in the Hypercar class the capability of lapping the Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe in 3min 30sec. Moveable aero has also been ruled out.

Fears as to whether a relatively small team will be able to compete with larger manufacturers and their even more significant budgets is not a worry for Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus. The new rules limit race development budgets to €20million, all of which Glickenhaus has already secured through sponsorship, according to comments on the firm’s official Twitter account.

So far, two other manufacturers have confirmed their entries into the Hypercar class, namely Toyota Gazoo Racing, which has enjoyed two years of unchallenged success, and Aston Martin, which has already completed a majority of road-going homologation with its Valkyrie. SCG will have its own road-legal version too, as per class regulations, with a minimum of 20 units required to be produced within two years of the race car.

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