It’s light weight and downforce versus brute force in the first of our head-to-head videos – which Porsche 911 is quicker at Anglesey? > Also view Ferrari 488 GTB v Ferrari 458 Speciale – Head to Head video


The idea is simple: Take two similarly potent performance cars, put them on a track, introduce a suitable driver, and see which is first to cross the line in a timed shootout. Oh, and make sure to film the whole thing.

It’s called Head-to-Head, and as well as being a fascinating spectacle – one with the potential to dethrone a few accepted performance car deities – it also gives us some meaty figures to add to the evo Leaderboard list.

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The first such battle is between two performance car legends. One, the Porsche 911 Turbo S, is frequently billed as the everyday supercar – a vehicle of huge performance that isn’t too firm, too pernickety, too flashy to use every day on the way to work or on a trip to the shops.

The other is the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. While not completely undriveable on the road – it’s still a 911, after all – it’s more focused, less comprehensively equipped, noisier, firmer and more track-biased. It’s less powerful though, and rear-wheel drive only versus the Turbo S’s all-wheel drive.

So which is the faster on track? We’ve taken each around Anglesey, just as we will with future Head-to-Head videos, which include everything from different generations of Ferrari to insanely grippy road-legal trackday cars.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Head-to-Head videos over the coming weeks.