The next Peugeot 208 GTi is likely to feature a pure electric drivetrain when it arrives in showrooms next year. If that news just made you shudder, don’t worry, as a petrol-engined version will be sold alongside too. However, Peugeot has confirmed that EV drivetrains will play an increasingly important role in the new-generation version of its supermini, being spread across multiple model variants, including the GTi.

Underpinning the next 208, which is likely to be revealed at the Geneva motor show next year, is a new platform called CMP, while electric versions will use a variant of this labelled e-CMP. The platform will appear beneath a variety of compact PSA models such as the upcoming all-electric DS 3 crossover and even a future Vauxhall Corsa. PSA is hoping the new platform will yield improvements in efficiency, while reducing build costs thanks to improved modularity and parts sharing.

The current 208 GTi became one of our favourite junior hot hatches – at least once Peugeot Sport had applied its magic to create the ‘208 GTi by Peugeot Sport’ from the slightly underwhelming original version. The aggressive diff, featherweight body and rev-hungry engine all combined to deliver a great small hot hatch – so much so that it took our ‘best supermini’ award at 2018’s evo Car of the Year.

Peugeot Sport is also confirmed to be working on the next generation versions of other hot Peugeots, the first likely to be a performance derivative of the 3008 crossover that will combine a petrol engine with plug-in hybrid tech. Total power is rumoured to be around 223kW, which should make it an interesting alternative to the upcoming Cupra Ateca and Skoda Kodiaq vRS – two other new-age performance SUVs with relatively mainstream badges.

As for the next 208 GTi, while the electric version may not immediately strike us as ideal hot hatch material, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t curious about what an all-electric Peugeot GTi might be like to drive.