Addressing some of our reservations about the lovable roadster, Mazda’s tweaked MX-5 seems very interesting indeed

We like the Mazda MX-5, but have always thought there were a few key areas that needed to be addressed in order for it to become the roadster we knew it could be. Well, after quietly dropping a load of information on its Japanese site, it appears a refreshed MX-5 is about to go on sale in Japan.

Firstly, Mazda’s stubborn adherence to naturally aspirated engines shows no sign of letting up, as both the 1.5 and 2-litre four-cylinder engines will remain, but with added power, and some added revs. Dramatically revised, according to Mazda, the new 2-litre Skyactive unit has a redesigned intake manifold, cylinder heads, pistons and connecting rods. The changes, focused on reducing weight as much as producing more power, lift the MX-5’s rev limit to 7500rpm, an impressive 700rpm more than the old car’s limit.

Mazda hasn’t quoted specific outputs, but does say the changes amount to a 15 per cent increase in peak power compared to the current model, so that’s around 135kW. The less powerful, but even more characterful 1.5-litre engine has also been tweaked, with similar upgrades, raising power for the entry-level engine to around 100kW.

Mazda MX-5

Inside the MX-5’s snug cabin, design and tech changes are due to be more subtle, with a new TFT screen in the dial pack and trim likely to feature. Of more interest is the addition of a telescopically adjustable steering rack – a common bugbear of the current car.

Finally, new exterior colour and trim options will be available, with the welcome return of a beige roof option for those after a retro look.

Mazda UK has not commented on the information, but if it does make its way to the UK, Japan’s best roadster could likely get a whole lot better.

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