A single image of a 570S-based model has appeared, are we looking at a new LT?

McLaren’s ‘Sport Series’ range might be about to get a new hardcore variant judging by a single image released on social media. Clearly based on the 570S, could the image be previewing a new hardcore LT model? We certainly hope so.

Most obvious element in the photo is the aggressive, single piece carbonfibre rear bumper section and diffuser, not dissimilar to the 675LT that blew us away in 2016. Although the single image doesn’t really offer much in the way of clarity, study the details further and you’ll notice that everything points to this being a more aggressive variant of McLaren’s impressive entry-level supercar.

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An obvious omission is the lack of an exhaust pipe, something that sits at the outer edge of the rear diffuser on other Sport Series models. If we were to use the previous LT as a reference point, we’d expect to see the exhaust outlets sitting further in-board and higher up the rear facia, just like the 675LT.

Using that car as a further guide, we’d also expect it to have a reduction in weight compared to the 570S, through a combination of extensive use of carbonfibre and a stripped out cabin.

The increasingly popular inclusion of a cut-out in the rear arch is also present, with the rear diffuser incorporating a rising blade. We expect the rest of the bodywork to also include more aggressive styling and aero elements.

As for the powertrain, we can only speculate, but we’d imagine that a more powerful version of the 570S’ twin-turbo 3.8-litre V8 engine is a likely candidate – 600LT anyone?

With the model looking nearly finished, chances are we won’t have to wait long to see the it in full, but as the 570S is one of our favourite cars on sale at its price point, we can’t wait to see what form it’ll take.

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