Mercedes-Benz previews the Concept EQA prior to the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Ahead of its home motor show, Mercedes-Benz has confirmed it will exhibit the Concept EQA at Frankfurt. The design has been teased in a video with closeup shots of the all electric vehicle that Mercedes says will have similar proportions as the A-class.

The coy image and teasing video point towards an aesthetic distilling of design elements from the A-class and the Generation EQ concept that appeared at the Paris Motor Show in 2016.

Potentially a hallmark of all future EQ sub-brand models is the illuminated grille first seen on the Generation EQ replicated here. Either side of the grille are sleek LED headlamps arranged in a vortex pattern with the taillights following suit. A brief glimpse of the side profile doesn’t give away much, but the silhouette matches that of a conventional hatchback.

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The EQA could push Mercedes-Benz forward on both fronts of its two-pronged strategy. The Stuttgart-based manufacturer is planning on delivering ten brand new electric vehicles under the EQ sub-brand by 2025, and hopes to supplement its five-strong compact vehicle lineup with three new models by 2020. Mercedes has poured almost £9billion into research and development for its electric vehicles and this substantial funding will be the driving force behind the electric model offensive.

Since the last Mercedes-Benz B-class Electric Drive rolled silently off the production line, the marque has been unable to offer a fully electrified vehicle, compensating with a collection of plug-in hybrids to fly its green flag. Whether or not the EQA is the model that brings the brand’s electric drought to an end, we’ll have to wait and see but if/when the EQA gets the green light, it will go head-to-head with the VW e-Golf.

The EQA’s architecture will be an adapted version of the German outfit’s new scalable platform which can accommodate multiple drivetrain layouts – an electric motor can be placed on the front and/or rear axle. We expect just one motor for the EQA to keep the production costs and sale price down. Should Mercedes-Benz decide to offer a performance oriented model, a dual motor setup – as seen on Teslas – would be likely, although there’s no word on such a model yet, though.