Hybrid four-door super-coupe previews the next model in Mercedes-AMG sports car lineup after the SLS AMG and AMG GT

Mercedes’ stand at the Geneva Motor Show is dominated by the brand’s latest AMG sports car – the GT Concept. Previewing an eventual production model to sit above the brilliant AMG GT, it’s a four-door coupe with an ultra-modern hybrid drivetrain, which could rival the latest Porsche Panamera when it arrives in production form in 2018.

The GT Concept utilises a V8 petrol engine mated to an electric motor and battery system, creating a high-performance hybrid powertrain with up to 800bhp – so Mercedes-AMG says. That equates to a 0-62mph sprint time of under three seconds – ‘which corresponds to a super sports car level’, said Tobias Moers, Chairman of the Board of Mercedes-AMG. It’s supported by four-wheel drive with torque vectoring.

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The long, low fastback silhouette of the GT Concept is similar to that of the CLS – but an aggressive, forward-raked nose and slim LED headlights distinguish it from that model. Muscular proportions and strong character lines down the length of the bonnet mark it out as an AMG, while the sloping roofline and glass area is rather reminiscent of a Tesla Model S. Tesla-style pop-out door handles feature, too, while the rear features a large diffuser and centrally-mounted exhaust.

The LED headlights feature ‘Nano active fibre technology’ for the daytime running lights – essentially a rope light within the headlight. The same technology is utilised in the slim taillights. Exterior mirrors are similarly high-tech, having been replaced by cameras

The GT Concept utilises carbonfibre for the roof, front spoiler wings, side sills and rear diffuser in a bid to keep weight down. The GT Concept is the second AMG model to be labelled ‘EQ Power+’ – the badge which will adorn all future performance hybrids from Mercedes-AMG.

Despite the massive performance on offer, the car has been developed with the advantages of hybridisation in mind – meaning it can run on pure electric power for short distances to aid economy or reduce pollution in city centres. The battery system is derived from tech used on the Mercedes F1 car, and AMG says it’s “more powerful than conventional hybrid batteries, but at the same time more compact and lighter”.