The tuner has upped peak power output to 477kW – and added a rather bright livery

As if the 430kW Mercedes-AMG GT R wasn’t powerful enough, German tuner Fostla has given it even more. Thanks to the brand’s “stage 1” tune and the addition of a BMC racing filter, the track-inspired supercar now puts 477kW (47kW over standard) to the rear wheels through its seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Torque has also been increased from 700Nm to 768Nm, giving the model some extra oomph.

This new power figure brings the GT R in line with the track-focused, all-wheel-drive Huracan Performante, exceeding that of the new Huracan Evo. With the Mercedes-AMG sporting rear-wheel-drive it might struggle off the line in comparison, but flick its fancy GT3-inspired traction control system up a few notches and you might have yourself a surprisingly useable 480kW.

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Performance figures for the Fostla-fettled car haven’t been quoted, however 0-100km/h for the standard car comes in a swift 3.6secs with a top speed of 320km/h. We’d imagine the addition of 47kW would help shave some time off the 0-100km/h sprint and perhaps even tip the car over the 320km/h barrier.

As seen in these pictures, Fostla tuning will also wrap the car in a rather bright vinyl livery to help you stand out, should a 477kW V8 and ear-splitting exhaust note not be enough on their own.

The Mercedes-AMG GT R received four and half stars in our review, losing just half a star for losing some of its smooth-road composure on Australia’s notoriously craggy roads. This was something to be expected from a car developed at the Nurburgring, however, and certainly wasn’t a deal-breaker. We described it as having “stonking performance” in our review, making us doubt the need for extra power, but should you want to break the 320km/h wall, Fostla might be the people to turn to.