The Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe is a bit of a sleeper. Or at least it seems to be as far as the general population is concerned, which is odd, as geeks like us seem to spot it a mile off. Perhaps that smooth shape doesn’t give off look- at-me vibes to all and sundry (yet another reason why I love this car).

I’ve mainly been ploughing up and down motorways lately, which is fine as the Merc makes a great companion. One thing I have noticed is that the speedo increments rise in 15km/h steps to 100, then 30km/h steps thereafter. Don’t worry, I haven’t turned into Rain Man. But I have realised why it’s so easy to find yourself doing 130 when you meant to be doing 110. I’ve taken to selecting the secondary digital readout in the TFT display as a clearer prompt.

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With the weather picking up, I’ve been making use of the huge glass sunroof; either sliding back the blind for more light or popping the trailing edge up for an eddy of fresh air. I haven’t opened it right up yet, but I suspect I will once spring is here to stay. I know, it’s a heavy piece of glass that raises the centre of gravity, but this is a road car, not Lewis’s weekend wheels (not that I condone the new C63 Convertible).

Another reason I’ll be glad to see the back of winter is no longer having to spend a packet on screen wash. Is it me, or have the UK’s roads been especially filthy this year? One good thing to come from my regular forays beneath the Benz’s bonnet is discovering signs of an unwelcome resident in the engine bay. I’d found some crumbs of nibbled sound-deadening a few months back, but after careful monitoring decided the elusive rodent must have gone.

But having looked again recently, it appears it’s back, and rather hungrier than on its last visit.

Quite how it has survived in all weathers for thousands of kilometres, or not hopped out only to be le to fend for itself in the wastelands of a Gatwick multi storey, I don’t know. I’ll leave a trap under the bonnet and see what I find in the morning, but a return to Mercedes UK beckons. I wonder if the press garage has a resident cat?



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