Maserati’s future has been unveiled in FCA’s future investment plan, with electrification and SUVs at the core

Maserati’s future investment plans have been revealed to investors, confirming the development of a range of electrified models due to arrive from 2020. This is just one part of FCA’s €6 billion investment into its Italian business, which will focus on production, electrification and autonomous technologies.

Maserati’s role in the investment plan will focus on three initial phases, lead by a drive in developing the brand’s electrified powertrains. We’ll see the first fruits of this investment next year when Maserati releases its first hybrid-powered model, confirmed to be a Ghibli hybrid. Soon after, a production version of the Alfieri Concept will arrive, manufactured in Maserati’s Modena facility.

After this, a second smaller SUV model is due to arrive to sit alongside the Levante, with pre-series models expected to roll off a new production line in 2021. Finally, the next generation Gran Turismo and Gran Cabrio will arrive as Maserati’s first all-electric models, built in Maserati’s Turin hub, itself set to gain an €800 million upgrade.

As well as these new models, Maserati will invest in autonomous driving technology, if for no other reason than to keep in touch with rivals who are quickly reaching level 3 and even level 4 autonomy – something considered essential in order to compete as a ‘luxury’ brand.

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A highly profitable customer personalisation program will also be implemented in the same vein as Lamborghini’s Ad Personam or Ferrari’s Tailor Made services. On top of offering customers greater choice with one-off paint and leather choices, the programme is also very useful at bumping up a model’s profitability per unit, with as many as 40% of all production from companies like Lamborghini going through this type of personalisation process.

These new technologies and programs will also integrate themselves within the current Ghibli, Levante and Quattroporte model lines, helping to breathe some life into what many consider to be a deeply undernourished brand within the FCA portfolio. It remains to be seen whether this latest attempt will be more successful than it has been in the past considering the current range’s underwhelming commercial successes.

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