With the continuation of the “too much” campaign, BMW M creates a virtual place of yearning for emotion-packed M moments.

Anyone who thought “Too Much” was not enough has come to the right place at “M Town”. BMW M GmbH is continuing last year’s successful “Too Much” storyline with the launch of a new online campaign. From September, the motto will be: “Welcome to M Town, where too much is just right.”

The basic idea is very simple: M Town is a place unlike any other – a place where everyday situations are experienced in their own special way. This is exactly why it is the ideal home for all petrolheads and horsepower enthusiasts and embodies the identity of the global BMW M Community so perfectly. The town does not represent a physical place. It thrives wherever there is a passion for high performance – because genuine enthusiasm for BMW M knows no bounds.

“M Town” is also a social and digital communications platform for BMW M fans all over the world. Since 7 September, car fans worldwide have been able to register as new citizens of M Town on bmw-m.com and create their own individual digital BMW M Pass. In addition to unique storytelling elements, this major campaign incorporates original online videos and creative merchandising, with other exclusive surprises in store for the community. “M Town” also serves as the main theme for numerous events around the globe.

“The continuation of the successful ‘too much’ communications story will allow our fans to experience the next level of emotional identification with our brand,” explains Peter Quintus, Vice President Sales and Marketing at BMW M GmbH. “’M Town’ represents an attitude to life that BMW M has always stood for – ultimate enthusiasm, maximum performance and the courage to be unconventional.”

This feeling is also conveyed by a series of online videos produced by director Micky Sülzer and Grimme award-winner Bader el Hindi.

The video series provides plenty of inspiration for individual storytelling. During the “too much” communications campaign launched in 2017, millions of car fans worldwide shared their own pictures, linked with characteristic M statements, such as [too loud] or [too powerful]. “M Town” develops this idea further and creates a new and exclusive platform for special M moments. On the bmw-m.com website, users can record their individual emotional experiences with BMW M in the Community Map, a digital map of the world, using the hashtags #M_Town and #MNation. These shared experiences are the foundation of “M Town” and enable the community to grow through the creative involvement of its citizens.

“BMW M thrives on the passion our fans share for highly-emotional products,” according to Lothar Schupet, Director Global Sales and Marketing BMW M. “‘M Town’ gives this enthusiasm a creative space for individual storytelling. In this way, we are increasing the brand identification of our loyal community – and, at the same time, providing a source of inspiration for new target groups.”

The digital communications campaign complements the BMW M sub-brand’s successful product offensive in the high-performance and performance segment. In addition to the launch of new products, like the BMW M2 and M5 Competition, and exclusive models, such as the BMW M3 CS, BMW M offers a broad range of products poised for strong growth in the future. Over the past ten years, BMW M has more than tripled its sales of M and M Performance cars. In line with its corporate strategy NUMBER ONE > NEXT, the BMW Group boasts a strong and successful presence in the highly profitable high-performance segment with these vehicles.

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