Our biggest criticism answered? Possibly, but this further-honed i30 N comes with a caveat…

Hyundai has revealed the first details of a new, lightened i30 N hatchback that it will unveil at the upcoming Frankfurt motor show. It’ll be called the i30 N Project C, after the area this car was developed on in the marque’s Namyang testing facility, and promises to take off some critical kilograms on a car we’re already rather fond of.

Based on the higher-specification i30 N Performance version, it’s unlikely to gain any more horsepower over the standard car’s 202kW, rather this model will pick up a new set of 19-inch wheels that will be lighter than the regular items, as well as a selection of carbonfibre parts around the front and rear bumpers, subtly changing the aero balance.

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Behind the camouflage, the colour is also telling, with the N sub-brand’s signature baby blue livery swapped for the complementary colour seen on N products – a bright burnt orange that, should it make production, will be the biggest tell of the Project C.

The i30 N Project C will also have revised suspension, and sits lower to the ground than standard, but we’ll have to wait for more specifics on the new chassis set-up, and to find out whether any new hardware has been fitted within the chassis.

But for all this goodness, there is a catch. A total of 600 units will be built, yet the Hyundai i30 N Project C will only be available in left-hand drive form.

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