Want to keep your classic Ferrari in the official dealer network? You might be able to in the future

New apprentices will be trained in the ways of classic Ferraris, in an attempt to offer more official services for older models at dealerships in the future.

Ferrari is not just celebrating its 70th year, but is also hoping to entice some of its earlier machinery away from the specialists and back into its dealerships by training its future technicians in the way of classic engine, as well as its latest.
In order to get up to speed, the company is enrolling a number of new apprentices, who will be trained to a high level in all areas over the course of three years.
The company recognises that some younger mechanics and technicians might be flummoxed at the sight of multiple carburettors, a points ignition system, a ballast resistor or even a manual gearbox. As for one of those without synchromesh, it’s a rare school-leaver indeed who will have encountered a crash-box.
Teenagers with an eye on motor mechanics may have grown up with smartphones and computer control, but Ferrari North Europe’s apprenticeship scheme for would-be technicians now includes third-year modules on classic car technology. As well as the componentry mentioned above, they include magnetos, dynamos and mechanical fuel injection, thus covering the whole Ferrari evolutionary story. But it’s just engines, to begin with; steering boxes, leaf springs and lever-arm dampers will no doubt come later.