Cosworth-developed naturally aspirated V12 achieves peak power at a dizzying 10,500rpm

Aston Martin has revealed the exact outputs of the V12 engine it will fit to its incredible Valkyrie hypercar. We’ve already seen – and heard – the new naturally aspirated V12 in action, and if your appetite wasn’t already whetted, now we can divulge precisely what it is capable of.

The 6.5-litre V12 will produce a staggering 745kW at 10,500rpm, making it the most powerful naturally aspirated road car unit ever. It also means the engine will deliver an astounding specific output figure of 114kW per litre. For context, a Lamborghini Aventador SV’s naturally aspirated V12 produces 83kW per litre. Torque for the Valkyrie motor is rated at 740Nm at 7000rpm.

This is of course not including the KERS-style hybrid assistance, which adds a further 120kW and 280Nm of torque to the powertrain, creating headline totals of 865kW and 900Nm. The electric motor and battery packs have been developed with help from electric supercar manufacturer Rimac, which is quickly becoming the industry’s go-to supplier of high-performance electric motors.

The new information comes with yet another preview of the car’s engine sound, featuring the Valkyrie’s Cosworth-developed V12 running on a dyno. The engine blitzes through revs startlingly fast and makes a noise similar to that of an early 1990s V12 F1 car.

But the Valkyrie is far from nostalgic – it’s been conceived by Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing and will borrow cutting-edge F1 tech, not least the KERS-like electric boost. The car will need all the F1 influence possible, because it will go head-to-head with the Mercedes-AMG Project One – with its full F1 turbocharged V6. Only 150 Aston Martin Valkyries will be built, with 25 track-only editions set to follow soon after. The price for the road-going version will be somewhere between £2m and £3m.

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