Jaguar reveals new, updated F-type 

Jag’s sports car gets new tech, a new look and two new models

Jaguar’s successful two-seater sports car gets a cleaner, sharper design for 2018 as well as new interior technology and two new models, R-Dynamic and the 400 Sport Launch Edition.

The updated F-type now includes a new touch screen infotainment system that’s much faster than the old unit and installed with more intuitive software. Called Touch Pro, the new system also uses online services to keep the driver updated with live traffic and weather reports to improve each journey.

Touch Pro is also able to integrate with a GoPro camera using an app called ReRun. The app combines the footage captured by the camera with driving information such as speed, throttle position, gear selection, braking force and g-forces. The video and information can then be easily downloaded onto the driver’s smartphone.

As well as the infotainment system the F-type’s exterior has been given a refresh, too. The old car’s double intakes in the front bumper are now just a single aperture across the whole range. However, the more powerful V8 R has larger intakes than the V6 and standard V8 models, and is accompanied by a horizontal bar to help differentiate it. The F-type SVR’s vents are larger still.

A change to full LED headlights has meant the round projector nestled within the light of the old model has been replaced by two stacked rectangles. The new lights still retain the J-shaped daytime running lights, but they now also double as the front indicators.

The F-type’s LED headlights are able to adapt to different driving situations to improve visibility for each situation. Up to 50km/h, City Mode projects a low and wide beam of light to help drivers see pedestrians and possible hazards close-by. Above 50km/h, Country Mode is activated, casting a longer, narrower beam. Then, above 90km/h Motorway Mode focuses the light even farther down the road. There’s also a Bad Weather mode that can be used at speeds up to 70km/h.

The F-type also gets new lightweight, slimline seats that come in two forms, Sport and Performance. The Performance versions have wider shoulder support and more elaborate detailing. Both versions are made from cast magnesium alloy, and are 8kg lighter than the seats previously found in the F-type.

Two new models will also be available, the R-Dynamic and the 400 Sport Launch Edition. The R-Dynamic is powered by the supercharged V6 and can be had with either 250kW or 280kW, as a coupe or convertible, as a manual or automatic, or either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive (the exact Australian line up is yet to be confirmed). It comes with 19-inch alloys and the front bumper’s new single air intakes are highlighted by a gloss black lip. The front splitter, bonnet vents, sills and diffuser are also painted black to match.

The other new model, the 400 Sport, will only be offered for a year to celebrate the launch of the refreshed F-type. It will also be powered by the supercharged 3.0-litre V6 that’s in the R-Dynamic, however power is increased from 280kW to 294kW – or 400PS, hence the car’s name. To complement the extra power the 400 Sport has a limited slip differential, switchable dampers, and 380mm front and 376mm rear brake discs. A set of 20-inch wheels finished in dark grey cover the bigger brakes.

The 400 Sport comes with the Sport Design pack as standard, including more prominent sills and front splitter and a grey diffuser. The car is available in a choice of three colours: Indus Silver, Santorini Black or Yulong white. Yellow and grey 400 Sport badges contrast the muted body colours.

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